What is the Best Lawn Mower for Bermuda Grass?

If you are looking for a grass variety that is tough and resilient, Bermuda is an excellent warm-season grass for you. Not only does it grow in any kind of soil but it also looks great. It is a great choice for lawn owners who cope with lots of traffic daily. The grass is also best for those who have kids and pets at home.

While Bermuda is a fast-growing variety, to help it grow and flourish, you need to take proper care of it. Mowing is an essential part of this Bermuda lawn care. You need to do so at a certain length and neatly. Thus, you need the correct type of and the best lawn mower for Bermuda grass.

Now, to choose the best mower, you must know about the different kinds of mowers available in the market for Bermuda. Ideally, the best one will help you mow the grass precisely, and give a clean cut. This will help the Bermuda blades grow well, thicker, and stay greener. So, without any delay, let us find out which lawn mower for Bermuda grass is the best. Keep reading!

What are the Best Types of Lawn Mower for Bermuda Grass?

Many lawn owners believe that for lawns with Bermuda grass, the best kind of lawnmower is a reel mower. Others prefer a rotary mower over it. Either way, the ultimate purpose is to choose a mower that produces the best cut and does not damage the Bermuda leaves. Whichever lawnmower does that, will work the best for you.

Therefore, for you to decide which is the best lawn mower for Bermuda grass, let us tell you about the different varieties of them you can choose from. Below, you can find information about all kinds of lawn mowers ranging from a push mower to a riding mower. Let us get started, and help you make a choice.

Riding Bermuda Lawn Mower

Riding Bermuda Lawn Mower

If your Bermuda lawn spreads over a lot of lands, this is the kind of lawn mower that is the best for you. In this case, a riding Bermuda mower will make mowing Bermuda a lot easier and simpler. It is because this kind of lawnmower operates like a car and can be operated with minimal effort without any physical exertion that is sure to come with a push Bermuda mower.

Another thing you need to know about riding lawn mowers is that these come with an array of attachment options. Depending on the model you choose, you cannot just cut Bermuda with it but also use it for dethatching, spreading grass seeds, snow plowing, etc. A high-quality riding mower may also come with umbrella coverage to block the sun while riding.

While riding mowers look like a great deal, they do have some disadvantages. The biggest one of these is their price tag. If you are someone that needs an affordable mower, this may not be for you. However, they do have a high return on investment, especially if you are looking forward to maintaining a professional Bermuda lawn.

Another potential downside of this kind of land mower can be its size. So, when you purchase, you need to ensure that it fits through your lawn gates, and you have a place to store it. Also, some riding mowers can compact the soil. This, in turn, can cause Bermuda to develop thin patches. This issue, however, can easily be prevented by aerating the lawn and watering it well.

So, is a riding mower the best lawn mower for Bermuda grass? Well, if you have to maintain a huge lawn like a full-size golf court, it is the best for you. It sure may take some time to learn to operate it well. However, once you do, you will have an easier time cutting the Bermuda grass. 

Push Bermuda Lawn Mower

The next kind of Bermuda lawn mower you can choose is a push reel mower. There are various kinds of such mowers in the market – gas-powered, electrical, petrol, etc. You can choose any of them depending on your preference. You may even come across some cordless push mower varieties that are operated by battery and are easy to use.

When it comes to low-cut lawns with Bermuda grass, this kind of mower is the most preferred as it does not damage the lawn. Typically, they cut grass like a pair of scissors. These come with a bed-knife that performs this scissor-like action by pinching the grass. Usually, you can find at least seven blades in a push reel mower, and these all move vertically.

Further, when compared to rotary mowers, push reel mowers are preferred by many people. It is because when it comes to the working of the former, they have a spinning blade that cuts off Bermuda as it rotates. In simple words, it works like a helicopter that sometimes results in injured and shredded turf.

Whereas, it is not the same with reel mowers. As stated earlier, these are sharper and gentler. However, these cannot cut woody and tough weeds. Also, if your Bermuda lawn has irregular surfaces, a push mower may not produce an even trim. We are sure that from this data, you can easily decide if a push mower is the best lawn mower for Bermuda grass.

Rotary Bermuda Lawn Mower

The final kind of Bermuda mower that we also discussed in the earlier point is a rotary mower. These come with blades that have a rotatory motion. This motion is fast and produces a machete-like action on the Bermuda grass. Unlike the push reel mowers that have at least seven blades that move vertically, this one has a single blade that turns horizontally parallel to the land.

Typically, they suck the grass as they cut. Due to this, many lawn owners believe rotary mowers to be the best lawn mower for Bermuda grass. However, you must keep in mind that due to the fast rotation speed of the mower that cuts Bermuda with a chopping action, the grass blade can bend slightly during the process.

This makes the grass blades uneven and slightly ragged. Now, when these blades die out with time, their uneven ends turn brown. This, in turn, makes the Bermuda lawn look unkempt. So, if you decide to go for this kind of lawnmower, you need to keep this particular point in mind. Rotary mowers can be electrical, powered by gas, or self-propelled.

Best Bermuda Lawn Mower – Power Options

Now that you know about the types of best lawn mowers for Bermuda grass, let us move on to their power options. Usually, you will get the following three power types for your ideal lawnmower. Have a look:

Electric Bermuda Lawn Mower

This kind of lawnmower runs with the help of mains electricity, is smaller, affordable, and easy to store. You can opt for it if you have small or medium-sized lawns. If you decide to go for an electric mower, just make sure its cable allows you to move around easily and can let you mow even the ends of your lawn.

While you can easily find cheaper varieties for this kind of mower, for the one which performs well you can expect to pay USD 150 to USD 300.

Cordless Bermuda Lawn Mower

The next kind of lawnmower variety that you can come across is a cordless one. These are battery-powered and have all the benefits of an electric mower without the cable. Thus, if you are looking for a hassle-free garden mower, make sure it is cordless.

While these are easy to use, they can be more expensive than mains electric models out there due to the lithium-ion batteries in them. For these, you can expect to pay between USD 400 to USD 600.

Petrol Bermuda Lawn Mower

If you need a lawnmower for a large garden, a petrol-powered lawnmower might just be the one you are looking for. These are free from a mains cable, offer powerful and faster cutting, and are the best suited to maneuver around large objects easily.

However, they can be quite expensive and may need servicing like car engines. Also, you need to be mindful about checking the oil and topping it up when needed. For this kind of Bermuda lawnmower, you can expect to pay around USD 200 to USD 600. The price will vary depending on your power requirements.

The Bottom Line

Best Lawn Mower for Bermuda Grass

To conclude, choosing the best lawn mower for Bermuda grass is more of a personal preference. Some lawn owners may like rotary mowers while others may find the push reel lawn to be the best. Whichever mower you choose, it should help keep your lawn thick, green, and healthy. Also, make sure it has a sharp blade that can mow effectively.