Soil Minerals and Soil Testing for Organic Gardeners

Please Note that Agricola's Best Minerals has been Discontinued and is no longer available as of April 2nd, 2017.

We will continue to make and sell our flagship product Agricola's 4-8-4

A complete, slow release USDA Organic Fertilizer.

Agricola's 4-8-4 contains all of the same ingredients as Agricola's Best

Plus an additional 7 sources of Major Plant Nutrients and

Trace Elements

Ready For 2017!
Agricola's 4-8-4
"High Octane"
Organic Fertilizer

Agricola's Best Minerals

Discontinued April 2, 2017

Please see Agricola's 4-8-4 above

We HAVE the minerals, from the best trace mineral sources in North America, and from ancient and modern Oceans.  None but the finest ingredients are used in Agricola's Best Soil Mineral Supplement.  Everything in the formula is nicely balanced and highly bioavailable for quick and lasting results.


Agricola's Best Soil Minerals

Azomite Volcanic Rock Powder:  An ancient deposit of volcanic ash that later became a sea bed, Azomite is a superb source of 67 naturally chelated minerals. Azomite stands for "A to Z Of Minerals Including Trace Elements." From the pink hills of Utah, the Beehive State.

Vashon Glacial Rock Powder:  Freshly ground glacial rock powder from the Vashon glacial deposit on Puget Sound in Washington State, the southern tip of the last ice age.  Freshly ground rock powder increases the paramagnetic force in the soil, allowing greater interaction with the Earth's magnetic field.  Contains more than 60 mineral elements.

Colloidal Clay Phosphate:  A soft, powdery phosphate, Calcium, and trace element source from Florida.  High exchange capacity and readily available. Agronomist Carey Reams used it extensively.

Jersey Greensand:  The famous slow release potassium and iron source from an ancient seabed in New Jersey.  J. I. Rodale recommended it highly.  Also a source of Calcium, Magnesium, and phosphoric acid along with 30 or more trace elements.

Ocean Kelp Meal:  Cold water ocean kelp contains ALL of the naturally occurring elements in seawater.  It is a good source of Potassium and probably the best source of natural Iodine.

Humate Ore (Leonardite/Lignite): Humic and fulvic acids are extremely complex organic molecules that promote life in the soil.  They dissolve in water and penetrate soil deeply, increase exchange capacity, and greatly assist in making minerals available.  Humates also improve tilth and increase water holding ability. The chelated trace elements in Humate ore are immediately available to soil life.

Boron:  Boron is essential for Calcium utilization and movement in living organisms.  When used as directed, Agricola's Best supplies 1.5 ppm Boron  from mines in the Mojave desert of California.

Iron, Manganese, Copper, and Zinc sulfates:  Purified from natural mined sources, these important nutrient  minerals are needed by all living things.  When applied to 1000 sqft (100 mt) Agricola's best supplies approx. 2ppm Copper, 3.5ppm Zinc, 10ppm Manganese and 20ppm Iron in easily available sulfate form.

Plus these Beneficial Soil Organisms in Each 20 lb Bag of Agricola's Best Minerals

MycoApply® Endo/Ecto :  Beneficial fungi can increase nutrient uptake and water efficiency by ten times.  MycoApply MAXX is a blend of 4 Species Endo mycorrhizae and 7 Species Ecto mycorrizae.  The various fungi in MycoApply Endo/Ecto will adapt to your soil, with the ones that are best suited to your climate and garden becoming established.
All of the ingredients in Agricola's Best Soil Mineral Supplement are allowed by USDA NOP Final Rule for Organic crop production. 


Agricola's Best
The World's First and Finest

Super Soil Mineral Supplement


Discontinued April 2, 2017

See Agricola's 4-8-4

20 LBS OF AGRICOLA'S BEST MINERALIZES 1000 sq ft (100 sq mts)  or 500 cu ft (14 cu mts) of soil, providing full-spectrum long-term trace mineral security for any soil.


You will be pleased with this product.


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